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New patients come into our office scared and in pain. Hemorrhoids usually are the cause. We understand the sensitive nature of this condition and do our best to put patients immediately at ease while fixing their problem.

We love providing help to our patients. The highest compliment that we can receive is a referral. Because our patients have entrusted us with their care, they know that they can put their trust in referring friends and loved ones to us.

The following are a few testimonials from our patients. Due to the sensitive nature of hemorrhoids, we have not included their names or ONLY their first.

There is not enough words to express my personal gratitude to Dr. Abbadessa, to you and the whole team who helped me on my initial visit to your facility.  The treatment that I was given was magnificent. Three day before I went to see my primary care physician, he determined my conditions was not good after doing a rectal exam. He referred me to two specialist and both of them did not have a opening for the next two months, I started getting panicked and I started talking to  one of my colleague at work about my condition and she told me when she became pregnant a few years ago she started seeing blood on her stool and she told me her doctor referred her to Dr. Abbadessa and the treatment she received was amazing. She told me not to wait two months and she pulled Dr. Abbadessa’s business card out of her purse and I decided to give it a try. When the person who took my call asked me how soon I can come, I felt so relieved . I went two days after my call and my wife was off that day and asked me  if she come along and I am so lucky she did . I was so nervous but Dr Abbadessa & the team who were at the observation room helped me to be at ease despite my body shaking every second on the table. Fortunate my wife was at the waiting room that, Dr. Abbadessa was so nice that he  took some time of his busy schedule to perform a colonoscopy on me  that day just to make sure there was nothing else inside my colon.  The  most encouraging  word that I received that afternoon was I did not have cancer instead I have ulceration colitis .  All in all, I tip my hat to Dr Abbadessa & his team for being there for me. They made me feel at home along with  the affection &, compassion I was given that day.  I would definitely refer a friend to your practice like my friend Magda Sumaya referred me to you. My blessings to your team and hope  to see you soon.


Warm regards

Though the reason for my visits and procedure is uncomfortable, I have had positive experiences when I have my appointments.  First of all, I am greeted and thanked by a very personable young woman with very pretty black hair (Katie?).  She consistently smiles and is sincere.  Dr. Abodessa is very laid back approach and knowledgeable about my condition.  When I needed a procedure completed, Dr Abodessa was swift in getting me scheduled the next day.

I really enjoy the administrative staff in this office.  I look forward to seeing the woman with the dark hair (I know someone will tell me who she is ;)   as well as Monique because of their great customer service.  The person who “put me out” was very informative and had great bedside manner.  I appreciated that the surgery took place in the office.  After my surgery, Monique was very helpful in instructing me on what I need to do post-op and sincerely cared about my condition. She was compassionate and sympathetic.  I had no immediate pain after the surgery.  I am grateful for the staff at the Colon Rectal Center. ~Brian

I wanted to write you a note to let you and the staff at Colon Rectal Health Care know how much I appreciate you helping clear up the problems with my Walgreens prescription. In addition to your problem solving skills, the healthcare I’ve received has made me feel like my old self again! Thank You. ~Alan

Dr. Abbadessa has been my doctor since early 2005. Was sent to him as referral from another doctor. I have never been sorry. My visits have always been handled with respect and professionalism.  Dr. A . and staff also keep a sense of humor to keep me at ease, sometimes hard with the kind of visits.  I have had many treatments and procedures done, all explained .  After one surgery type, even received a call at home that evening to see how I was.

His staff, both nurses and office, are all kind and willing to answer any and all questions. Angie, Monique, and so wish I could think of a few others names, that have been there through the years…knowing me on a bit of a personal level , eg. to ask how pets etc are.

I have had all phone calls handled promptly, many on first call. If not return calls are returned quickly.

I have, and will continue to refer others to Dr. Abbadessa. ~Linda

I knew I had hemorrhoids for years but procrastinated having anything done fearing I would have to have surgery. I heard from a friend who told me that Dr. Abbadessa treated her problem in the office. I went to him and after a few office visits was like new. I highly recommend this doctor and his expertise. He was personable and professional while light-hearted about an embarrassing problem.

Dr. Abbadessa diagnosed my problem right away and fixed it. Unlike other doctors who keep you waiting for an hour, there was only the wait time needed to fill out the paperwork. His staff was very kind and made me feel at ease. Dr. Abbadessa made me feel at ease too. He’s an expert at what he does. Great doctor.

Who honestly wants to have to see a proctologist?  I was nervous going to see Dr. Abbadessa for the first time. He and his staff immediately put me at ease. The appointments were always on time, unlike other doctors where I’ve been kept waiting for hours. He answered all of my questions. Most importantly, he stopped the pain I had experienced for decades due to internal hemorrhoids. For that, I am grateful.

I went into Dr. Abbadessa’s office in severe pain. I was so scared to walk into this office because of the fear of what they may do. The staff were very courteous and helpful with any questions that I had. They even called me the next day to check on me, to see if I was doing okay. I can say in the past I have never had a Dr. call to make sure I was doing okay after the procedure. I have done my follow up visits and I’m 100% better thanks to Dr. Abbadessa and his staff.

I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Abbadessa, he helped my issue that I had been dealing with for years. I had been to many doctors in the past, and they couldn’t help me. I met with Dr. Abbadessa and he helped my issue get better in a couple weeks. I would recommend him to anybody that has issues in the colon rectal area.

Dr. Abbadessa and his staff were great. I came into the office a little nervous because I had been to other doctors that said there was nothing that could be done for me. He did an exam found my problem and now after 2 treatments I’m 90% better! I even called the office with a couple questions and they were prompt with getting back to me.

If you have been putting off seeing someone for your pain because of fear or embarrassment, please call us so that we can help you. We’ve treated thousands of patients and helped them become pain free. Call us: (314) 966-7570. We even offer same day appointments.


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